Reputation Management

Introducing Review Catcher. Today your online reputation can make or break a business. Search trends have changed in the last few years and social media platforms and business directories like Google My Business+, Yelp, or Yellow Pages online are king when it comes to a business’s reputation. Your reputation will become your public brand. This is what you will be known for – whether you like it or not. Why leave something this important up to chance?

Your online reputation will stand on it’s own and either bring in new business or keep prospective customers away. Businesses should check their online reputations on a regular basis and be ready to respond to any negative reviews. More importantly, businesses should ensure that they have plenty of positive reviews in the first place. Encouraging your customers to leave reviews should be a priority. Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more complicated to leave reviews online. Review sites are cracking down to ensure reviews are legitimate as they realize the power of reviews for a business’s bottom line.

Watch the video above to understand how valuable a marketing program like Review Catcher can be for any business that understands how important online reviews can be. If you have a service business or restaurant you know how important good word of mouth advertising can be. This is exactly what a review is – word of mouth advertising internet style.

The Review Builder Program


We’ve made it easy for you and your customers to build your online reputation with solid positive reviews over the web. Making it as easy as possible for a customer to leave a review is the first step. The second step is having a way to address a negative situation before it becomes a negative online review.

Your business needs a program like Review Builder/Catcher to help you gain steady streams of positive reviews and catch any negative reviews before they get posted online and damage your reputation. Don’t put off building your own 5-star online reputation – contact us or call today 772-324-9551 to find out how you can implement Review Builder for your business.

Once you begin gathering 5-Star reviews on the web – you will be eligible to add a custom 5-Star Review Video like this one to your web marketing campaign. For more info on how to receive a Review Video like this one, please visit our  REVIEW BUILDER PROGRAM page or our Review Video Marketing page.


Three Types of Reviews That Can Hurt Your Business

No Reviews. Not having any reviews can keep new customers away. If your business has no reviews online, consumers tend to believe you aren’t providing exceptional enough service. No reviews can equate to mediocre service. Yes, it means something to a prospective customer when they see that someone else has taken the time to leave a review – whether it was a good experience or bad experience. The answer of course is to work on providing exceptional service and getting positive reviews online.

Old Reviews. Another type of review that can hurt your business are old reviews. Do you have one or two reviews from 2010 or 2011? Old reviews lose their value. A lot can happen in a short time with turn over and management changes. People want to read recent reviews from happy customers! That is what incites them to pick up the phone or choose to visit your restaurant. Recent, positive reviews can be thought of as 24 hour salespeople working for your business.

Negative Reviews. This last type of review might as well be called the “kiss of death” for a business. Personally, every time I read a negative review, especially about a restaurant or service business, it’s now implanted in my mind that their “brand” is not worth considering and then I move on to their competitor and read their reviews.

It’s important to monitor your online reputation. If your business receives a negative review, your best course of action is two-fold. First, the sooner you can respond – the better. It tells prospective customers that the experiences your customers receive are important and that whatever issue or lack of communication and understanding has occurred – is not usual business for you.

Second, understand that negative reviews never go away – they can only be pushed down the page by positive reviews. This is why having a plan of action to gather a steady stream of positive reviews should be a priority for every business.

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