Review ☆ Marketing

Review marketing is one of the most important aspects of marketing today for any business. Just consider how buying trends have changed over the years. Consumers no longer call or visit a business just from an advertisement. No, their buying process is more detailed than ever and consumers are conducting their own research before buying.

Plus, the more reviews your business has the more visible you are on the web. Don’t those orange stars in the search results catch your eye? And positive reviews will help bring your website up in the search results.

The buying process starts with awareness about your product or service – being on page one is important! Next, they will visit your website to satisfy that it is professionally appealing. Second, research shows they will check out the About Page, yes….the about page. From there they will conduct a search for “your business name reviews” into a search engine and carefully read the reviews. That’s right. People are now basing their next action upon the reviews they find on the web about your business. Positive or negative – reviews about your business will affect your bottom line.

This could be your 5-Star Review Video when a customer searches reviews for your business!


Page One 5-Star ☆Video Review Marketing

We search the web and use your own 5-Star Reviews and create review videos to secure the high reputation of your business. This kind of high quality video marketing is very impressive to a consumer when they are conducting their research about your business and solidifies the trust factor. These engaging videos highlight experiences from satisfied customers are likely the factor that determines choosing your business over a competitor. And best of all these videos stand out in the search results. Your competitors reviews are grouped together with monotonous text reviews – your review video is eye-catching and stands out from the crowd.

5-Star Video Review Marketing Benefits

Imagine consumers searching for your business reviews and seeing high quality 5-star review videos like these. They have the WOW factor:

  • Eye-catching in the search results as well as impressive to a prospect
  • Builds instant trust with the consumer
  • Provides opportunities for natural back linking to your website

The search engines look for businesses with a high trust factor to place on page one. Get started today for a free consultation about your online reputation. Call 772-324-9551 or fill out our contact form.