Video Marketing

When you need to increase your brand exposure on the web, Youtube Marketing and Facebook Video Marketing is the right choice for businesses. Video Marketing is considered an essential element to any local marketing campaign that we create for our clients. Strategic geo-targeted video campaigns bring our clients the page one results they are looking for. We have proprietary tools and practices that allow our clients a first page presence for not only their videos, but also for their other web properties as well.

Why Video Marketing For Local Businesses Works

  • Videos attract the eye in search results
  • More people watch video via smartphone and  tablets
  • Videos are easier to watch quickly than read text
  • Videos are more engaging and enable greater retention of information than text
  • Videos convert better than text – thus getting your phone to ring!

Video is a key element in local search marketing

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So, what if you already have a video? That’s fine and we can work with the video you already have. The main point of having Page One Local Marketing work our formula magic is that a video that appears in a YouTube search is okay, but a video that appears on page of the search engine results is even better!

When a video appears in search results it immediately catches a viewers eye and helps you stand apart from all the monotonous text results of all your competitors. That’s why you’re looking for internet marketing help right? Your looking for expertise and guidance to help you stand apart from your competitors and be the one business that’s contacted for consideration. But, you need to get noticed first. This is how we can boost your local marketing campaign.

When a video appears in any search aimed at finding a business within a specific geographic area this is considered local search marketing. We can easily optimize your video with targeted search queries and keywords so it will appear in any search resultscity or town specific searches. This is exactly how consumers today are searching for local businesses. They’ve already figured out that if they don’t attach a city to their search query they will receive some local listings and some info from Wikipedia and some business from across the U.S. What does it benefit a consumer living in Fort Lauderdale if they receive search results from Maryland or Virginia? How do you want to appear in local search? Let’s face it…you just want to stand out and be noticed right?

When we create your local video marketing campaign aimed at targeting the cities and search terms you prefer you will be amazed at how this powerful campaign can also affect your other web properties bringing them an additional push up the search results. Imagine if you took not only one spot on the first page with your video, but several spots with your website, Google My Business listing, and even specific internal landing pages. That’s the power of video.

This kind of local market domination doesn’t leave much room for your competitors does it? Let us help you create a video marketing campaign just for you and your business. Call today 772-324-9551 or fill out our contact form.

Video Creation For Local Businesses

Do you need a business video? We make custom White Board videos for any business with the topic focus of your choice. We just need your input for the script and we’re good to go. We also have resources for a wide range of business marketing video styles to suit most business types. All you need to focus on is knowing that your local business marketing is in the hands of the search marketing experts at Page One Local Marketing.


Why Should You Have A Video?

  • Videos educate, engage, entertain, and inspire prospects to take action
  • Videos improve conversions by 53%
  • Videos are easier to consume and retain than written information
  • Videos can quickly get placement on the first page of search results
What To Expect From Us When Creating Your Business Video
  • Professional Video Creation
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Qick Turn-Around Time

Whatever your video marketing needs, call us today 772-324-9551 or fill out our contact form and let’s get started on your local marketing campaign.

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